For my whole life I have been trying to live an extraordinary life. I try to eat really well. I try to sweat with wild abandon. I don’t use chemicals or toxins in my home or body. This mindset really took on a whole other level when I had my babies. I started looking into everything that we use for our health & vitality & started switching our lifestyle products over to only natural ones… 

Fast forward to the moment I was introduced to Young Living essential oils & all of their amazeballs healthy living products. It all started with a super simple Premium Starter Kit…. I really just got it because I wanted wholesale prices & cheap shipping ( yep! I’m a smart shopper😜!) So I got a diffuser & 11 super simple starter oils…. What happened next was nothing short of incredible….

Because of the fact that I was always interested in living …JUST BETTER, than the moment before… These oils & their capacity for helping me do that really spoke to that INNER WISDOM that just knew that they were a game changer…

So I pretty much just shared their awesomeness with my world, & since that very first smell & touch of their lavender…. My life has completely changed….

Now I am able to travel the world with my family at the drop of hat… I have more health & financial abundance than I ever have (& before I was no slouch 😍). This company truly knocks my socks off with not only their Seed to Seal foundational principles but the simple fact that they really have a super Abundant compensation plan….. & with my support & love… You can have this too!

So if health, freedom, wealth & living an incredible life is something that speaks to your soul… Come join me on an Adventure of a Lifetime❤️✨


Super simple steps….

  1. Click on link above
  2. Choose become a wholesale member
  3. Choose what diffuser you want
  4. Enter your info
  5. Choose 3-5 day shipping
  6. Push ‘Place your Order’ button on the last page
  7. Yay!!!! Now you are a Love Dropper!!!
  8. Be sure to message me so I can send you out your welcome gift & add you to our Team Page!!!! 

I’m super excited to have you here with me & can’t wait to help you live a more extraordinary life filled with health, wealth & abundance. 

Love, Celeste

The best thing I ever did was listen to my heart… & she said “Yes”