When your work is your play…

The other day I was in my office playing with oils between patients & Mark walked in… He said.. “whatcha doing?…”… I said “work’in”
He replied… “it looks a lot more like your playing, than working” with a little chuckle.
I replied …”& that is because my work & play are the same thing….”
He said… “yes…. yes they are!”.. & laughed

Play so hard that you get paid for it❤

So then it got me thinking, yesterday while I was playing in the garden for hours …. (👈🏻👀see how I did that? Work=play😂😍❤🌱)….
I was listening to the neighborhood around me, enjoying the Saturday with their families & reading a book on Audible…. Thinking about how many people are literally living for the weekend… & only “working” their jobs because they had to… dreading Monday morning because it means, back to the “grindstone”…
If this is you… STOP IT!…. We have an average life of 960 months… That’s 29,000 days!!! Life is not something to be just getting through… it is something to frigging CELEBRATE!!! 
So find your BLISS & charge it!… Give every second of your kick ass life the reverence that it deserves… 
I have always felt like I was blessed into chiropractic & it is something that makes me feel good, helpful & relevant…. But two years ago when I found out what the oils did…. I literally felt like I found something that was a WORLD CHANGER….& it gave me a passion for life & helping other people that was latent & sleeping in my spirit….
This giant woke up inside of me, and now I’m no longer just SUCCESSFUL, now I feel significant, that my life matters, that the world will somehow be a little better because I’ve been here…
& that, my friends is the JAM! 

Love, Celeste

Join the Love Droppers… our team training and community heart is everything ❤

Happy Sunday ❤🌱✨ #blessedlifeever #lovedropper #watchmeorjoinme

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