How Life hands you gifts…

When I started this journey into helping others harness their innate intelligence through chiropractic decades ago…. I always knew that there were more ways to help my friends than just giving them an adjustment, sending them home & then them having no tools at home to care for themselves…Meanwhile they are bombarded from all directions with stress, drug adds, more stress, crapy foods, lack of exercise bla bla bla….

When something so small can change so much✨

But still I served… & my friends made epic changes in their lives❤️… I taught them about proper sleep, eating great foods, exercise, mental attitude.

But I always felt that there had to be some way to support their home care that I was missing…

Then I listened to my inner genius who kept telling me to find the oils… I’ll be honest… I truly did not know what that meant.?!… I just kept hearing it… & what I have found in the time in my body is… If I listen to those subtle (or not so subtle😜) impressions on my soul, 

Then I find PROFOUND FREEDOM & GIFTS to bless others with.

If ever I try to ignore or doubt my inner genius she gets super sassy & really makes my life difficult.😂😜

So I went out of my comfort zone & looked into which essential oils were the best. I looked into company longevity . I looked into which oil brand had the most oil blends & singles. I looked into which community  would support me & my voracious quest for knowledge. I studied the science of the oils.(science geek alert!) I really dug in for a few years to figure out what I had not known before… & that was not all oil companies are created equal ❤️ & after all my research I found out that Young Living was pretty much the best on the planet.

& then I took the next step. I got a Young Living Starter Kit to use with my family. Because we needed some support… We needed some sleep… & we needed some freedom

What I found out is my internal voice is SMART… She is ON POINT… & she pretty much KICKS ASS! Then after I found out what the oils did for us… I told everyone I know! Because I found something that is transformational to the health of the BODY, the balance of the MIND & the levity of the SPIRIT.

& when you find something that can literally help everybody with something that they struggle with… You share that FREEDOM!

Freedom of Health… Freedom of Purpose… Freedom of Abundance 

Join me on my Journey to Freedom❤️

Love & Purpose, Celeste

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