Crafting & Reducing chemicals in your environment 

Soooo I went shopping at a new vinyl store yesterday…. because… well I got a Cricut & I’m crazy crafty like that…

Crafting is life❤️

& when I walked in it smelled like the chemical Yankee Candle soup… It still shocks me that people do that to their homes & airspace….

That chemical shit storm burning for one hour is worse than smoking a cigarette regarding carcinogens!…. & often especially this time of year homes are not aired out so the chemicals linger & build, affecting your whole family & pets! Since I learned about removing indoor toxins and the dangers of indoor pollution I have switched all of my candles over to diffusers & essential oils (Here is where I got mine)& have really noticed an incredible difference in my respiratory health over the past few years.
On a positive note… I got some pretty crazy cool crafty colors while I held my breath… those crafts are totally coming up!
& you know we chatted about environmental toxins❤️
Love & Glitter, Celeste 

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