My new Cricut & crafting a diamond patch 

So ….is it crazy that I have had this idea to patch my favorite camos with a hot pink diamond for like 3 years?!?!!…. Yep! I blew out the backside of my fave pants &  it literally took me 3 years to fix it😜! Because…. well…. kids!

But the other day I got my Cricut machine & am totally obsessed with what I can make… Here is how I made the patch…

What a super cute patch for my favorite camp pants❤️✨

Diamond patch on my bottom 

  1. Cut out or draw a DIAMOND or whatever shape you want
  2. Pin a support cloth on the inside of the fabric being patched
  3. Pin the paper design on top of the fabric to cover the hole
  4. Stitch a straight stitch around the perimeter & over the details
  5. Remove the paper
  6. Use a small zigzag stitch over the strait stitch to secure the patch & make it look cute❤️💎✨
  7. Rock your favorite pants again… #sparklepants

I’m sort of obsessed with my new Cricut 2 …. I’ll try to post all my super crafty inspirations❤️

Love & Glitter, Celeste

Ahhhhh!!! that hot pink diamond patch is just EVERYTHING ❤️

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