Bliss & the Love Dropper

About 10 years ago I found a Canadian west coast yogi named Eon Finn… he has a set of guidelines called Blissology ( the study of bliss) that I absolutely LOVE!!! There are 6 main principles 
… DAILY✨✨✨✨

1. Love of your food

2. Nature appreciation

3. Gratitude practice

4. Yoga or movement 

5. Meditation

5. & a WILD CARD…. which is just something outside of your box that quickens your pulse

When I saw these 6 simple steps put together as a practice for a better interface with my life I dove right in & started the practice… at first some days were easier than others… but after all this is a practice, not a mastery…. & then it became my LIFE….

So I say… if this study of BLISS speaks to you… do that!

Blissology is the study of finding your bliss…

Yesterday I just started a fun little 21 days with Dice (Ha! Just made it up!)…. it is super fun… I go onto YogaGlo & pick a Dice class that fits my time constrictions & hop on my mat… & there you have my movement practice for the next few weeks❤️❤️❤️
Love & Yoga, Celeste

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