Creating Balance in my Beautiful World

How nature helps balance my life. Simple drops that make a big difference.

Why?…..Because chasing dreams & catching them is elemental to my soul. It is how I’m hardwired. I love creating an extraordinary life out of what some people see as the impossible. Raised by a single mom…. lived in a trailer… no silver spoon in my mouth… Yup! How do you like me now? I’m not just a dream chaser…. I’m a Dream Catcher!!!……

& that Sacred Mountain 😍!…. To be able to bring myself to that sacred space so damn fast it would make your head spin & all with just a simple drop of oil!… I have this vision of a massive mountain coming straight out of my ocean road. I see the peak & I find myself up there in no time… this sacred vision is powerful to my soul. It grounds me in my soul’s purpose. It create a tsunami, where once there was just a single drop….

& then there is Release…. Oh you beautiful, complex & gut wrenchingly hard act… Finding this oil has helped me “let go” of so many stuck, unserving & self limiting stories that I was letting hold me back…. And yet you ask… is NATURE right for me and my family?…… Well my friends…… I say it’s worth a try❤️🌱✨ #nature #upgrade #empower #enlighten #inspire #lovedroppers #oilparty

Love, Celeste 

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I welcome you into our tribe.

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