How to clean your yoga mat

Did you know that yoga mats actually should be cleaned?!?!?!!…. Yep, I have to admit I rarely if ever clean mine & I use them a lot! So the other day I looked at my beach yoga mat & thought…. Danggggggggg

When is the last time you cleaned your yoga mat?
When is the last time you cleaned your yoga mat?

Here is the thing though… I did not want to clean it with anything that could be dangerous to my health. There are so many dangerous chemicals in just about every cleaner out there, even the so called ” natural” ones. I mean I am all over my mat & am often sweaty… Soooooo…. I decided to clean it with the only thing that I clean my whole entire house with, Thieves cleaner. Here is where I get mine ➡️➡️➡️➡️

Be sure to sign up for the wholesale Thieves starter kit so you can really get at removing toxins from your home.

Here is what you do:

  • Add 2 T of Thieves concentrate cleaner to a bowl & added 1/2 c water.
  • Get a natural bristle brush ( Yep! It is a great way to break in your dry brush 😜 because those things are stiff!)
  • I placed my mat on the deck & started at one end using back & forth strokes. Reload the brush when it gets dry.
  • Next go back over the whole mat with circular “wax on, wax off” motion…. I also wrote LOVE notes to myself in bubbles… You should do that❤️
  • Be sure to also clean the other side. Yes this is really important because when it rolls on itself both sides touch.
  • Rinse well with a hose & place in the sun to dry….  The sun will be really great to help neutralize funk especially paired with Thieves!

Last thing… Get on your mat daily so you get to do it all again soon! & be sure to share this post with all your yogi friends. Because friends don’t let friends use toxic sludge on their yoga mats!❤️

Love, C


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