Homemade yogurt

We have been getting raw milk for years & one of my favorite things to do with it besides skim the heavy cream for my decaf coffee is to make homemade yogurt.

It is super easy & makes the most delish yogurt ever!

The most delish homemade yogurt ever!


Homemade raw milk yogurt

  • 1/2 gallon milk or raw milk ( I like whole fat with the cream on top)
  • one packet of Yogourmet yogurt starter culture
  • a touch of honey
  • 1 T vanilla or homemade vanilla

Warm the milk just a bit. Do not boil it. Cool to room temp & skim any debris off the top. Place the milk, starter, honey & vanilla in the glass jar that you can get for your Yogourmet yogurt maker. It comes with a plastic jar but I suggest you get one or two glass jars to use instead. Shake it to combine & place into the yogurt maker with a bit of warm water around it ( this is in the instructions from the maker). Plug in & let cook for up to 24 hours. A friend taught me to go longer to get a thicker consistently. Place in the fridge & ENJOY!

I love to use mine in my smoothies & when I make almond flour gf coffee cake! Yummo!!!

Love, Celeste





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