Grass-fed Beef bone broth… Salty Air & Glitter Style

Here is how most of my fun in the kitchen starts… I go to my local farmers market & get crazy inspired by my local offerings. This past Saturday I hopped off my yoga mat & found some absolutely beautiful local & regional goodness. So you know what happened I went home & started making magic in the kitchen ✨
Beef bone broth was the start… Whenever I make it I make sure that I have grass fed & grass finished beef bones. This is SUPER IMPORTANT! Quite frankly if you are eating anything but… Don’t! Animals raised anyway but how nature intended are not healthy & you don’t want to build your body with that❤️

Super easy crockpot bone broth...
Super easy crockpot bone broth…

Beef Bone Broth

  • 2-3 pounds grass-fed beef bones
  • 1 onion halved

Roast bones & onion on a sheet pan at 375′ for about 45 minutes or until the onion is caramelized. Place bones & onion plus pan drippings into a crockpot cover with filtered water & add a capful of apple cider vinegar ( I like Bragg’s) Cook for 10 hours two times…. Then strain and freeze in wide mouth Ball jars.

I use this broth in everything… Soups, rice dishes, braising meats( yep my braised lamb recipe is coming soon!)… It is amazing for your gut health as well as your joint health. ENJOY!✨

Be sure to follow my blog for more amazing recipes ❤️✨

Love & Healthy Bodies, Celeste

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