Kids zen moments & active meditation… Salty Air & glitter style

In our busy lives we often forget that the smallest things often mean the most. I’m always trying to find ways to slow down & connect with my kids. I drive them to school & leave the radio off just to see what comes up in conversation. I share my love of all things natural & wonderful & let them lead zen activities whenever I can.

One of our new Lemurian seed crystals... Loving it😍✨
One of our new Lemurian seed crystals… Loving it😍✨

The other day Hannah bought these bags of stones with her own money. Rocks & crystals happen to be some of my favorite things. I love the beauty & energy that is held in the stones. It is beautiful to watch her learning value & reverence for her energy. When we got home she and I laid on the sun porch & sorted stones for hours… It was beautiful… It was meditative…. It was connection❤️

Love & Rose Quartz, Celeste

Sorting crystals
What does quality time with your kids look like?

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