Bone Broth Chili… #radyourselfup… Salty air & glitter style

I’m officially on the 5th day of my Perfect Health meditations from Deepak but I will be sharing my days chronologically…. These are some of my tips that I feel make my body, mind, soul & spirit a little more rad✨if you don’t know me by now, I’m VERY SERIOUS about Self-Care… I feel that it is our truest gift to have a human body… It is our most precious gift & it should be revered.

Soooo….. Day 2…Thought of the day “Balance is my true nature.”
– I meditated today with Envision in my diffuser.
– I placed Inspiration on the Medulla (alarm point) to changed stuck energy & mobilize.
– I put ImmuPower on my spine  to increase immunity & SARA on my cellular memory (alarm point) to support my healing from past sexual abuse.
– I started using my “Bitch Stick” (PMS edition)…. Awwww yea! It is that time of the month😜… This is for my family as much as for myself!
– I started my winter Universal Rehab… This 14 series cold laser protocol is beyond amazing for longevity & all around awesomeness. 1/14
– I had a 90 minute BioMat massage…. You totally want this in your life for your recovery & health.
– I went outside of my box & discovered a new & wonderful Crystal & Rock shop… I brought both of my girls, my mom & my sister… We had a blast… Made new, wonderful friends & I’m really excited to discover & learn more from the owner of the shop,

  • I got a chiropractic adjustment.

– My husband has been giving me Ylang Ylang foot rubs… & ladies I can just say… It totally is a wonderful, intimate & very sensual experience…. Your man wants to do this for you😍😍😍
– I had some homemade sauerkraut… Yep! Probiotics like a BOSS!
– I made chili with my littlest… Yummo!… I will share the recipe

I use this beef for my chili When I'm using chicken bone broth instead of beef.
I use this beef bouillon for my chili When I’m using chicken bone broth instead of beef.

Rad Bone Broth Chili… The best ever!

– start with one onion chopped & sautéed in butter… Add a bit of olive oil at the end before adding the rest
– 2 lb. ground meat ( I like venison or buffalo)
– one small tomato paste ( I like it in glass)
– 1 large can roasted tomatoes ( I have some that I got in the summer from my CSA & processed in the freezer)
– beef or chicken stock ( I use bone broth from my freezer but you can use what you have)
– 3 or more cans beans of your choice (or cook your own)
– 3 tsp Himalayan salt
– 1 tsp pepper
– 1 tsp onion
– 1 tsp garlic
– 1 T chocolate (organic baking powder)
– 3 tsp chili powder
– 2 tsp cumin
– 1/2 tsp cayenne
– 1/2 tsp chipotle

After cooking the onions in the pan… Add all ingredients & cook it down!

We serve ours over homemade gluten-free mac-n-cheese with sour cream on top… OMG… Crazy good


Love & Light, Celeste

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