Cast Iron Collards…. Like a boss… #RadYourselfUP

OK guys… Its party time… I’m on my day 3 of meditations in Perfect Health from Deepak…. I’m going to share some of my musings from the mat/sac (BioMat/ LoveSac) & part of my radical behavior 🙂 #RadYourselfUp

Day 1….”I commit to living perfect health”…(Thought of the day)

– GreensFirst, Innate Choice fish oil, Vitamin D & LOTS OF WATER in the morning
– ImmuPower on spine
– Inspiration (EO) on skull (Medulla) Alarm point… to remove STUCK ENERGY
– Inspiration (EO) & Envision(EO) in my diffuser for my morning 20 min. meditation….. WOW!!!!
– SARA (EO) on (Cellular Memory) Alarm point… To help past sexual abuse trauma
– 6 mile walk in the park with the dogs & a friend
– Ningxia & Epic bar for a snack
Sauerkraut… Just a bit… Probiotic goodness…
Homemade Pho… Yep! there is that! (Recipe will be shared!)
– Collards….. Yum!…. Made a new recipe…. I’ll share below ❤
– Super Blue-Green algae, Multi-Greens, Vitamin C & PreNatal before bed

Collards in Cast Iron… LIKE A BOSS!
In a cast iron pan…
– 2 T Bacon fat & 1/2 diced onion… cook till soft
– Add stripped & julianned collards (organic, 3 bunches)
– Cook down adding a bit more bacon fat & water…
– Add apple cider vinegar while cooking to taste (I like a bunch)
– Just a touch of sugar or honey
– Cook until soft & yummy… enjoy!

& know that collards & I have a VERY long standing relationship… This is my new fave…. It is NO JOKE!

Love, C

This is my homemade Pho… The recipe for my Cast Iron Collards is here too :)
This is my homemade Pho… The recipe for my Cast Iron Collards is here too 🙂

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