Day 6… Holiday Survival Guide… Salty Air & Glitter Style

Eat real food… Not too much…Mostly veggies….

Eat real food... That is one of the most simple survival techniques that I know....
Eat real food… That is one of the most simple survival techniques that I know….

Cook & create love with food✨… One of my primary survival techniques for maintaining health & sanity during the holidays is to jump into my kitchen with wild & reckless abandon. Cooking for me is a type of active meditation. Our family works to keep as many local, high vibrational whole foods in our home as possible. Recharging our bodies with homemade foods made with love & celebration is totally where it is at!…

I grab my babies & show them how to create love out of the most clean & basic ingredients.
This past week I have really socked into my kitchen & made many wonderful & tasty meals… Gluten-free Date-nut loaf… Gluten-free lasagna… Potato corn chowder… Tomato, garbonzo bean soup, kale & pignole sauté, gluten-free brownies… All of these simple & whole foods directly convey my love for my family, make them healthier & make me feel more balanced.

So,  my words of wisdom about foods during the holidays are…. Find high quality, whole foods & create more LOVE in your home❤️✨

Love & Glitter, Celeste


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