Day 5… Holiday Survival Guide… Salty Air & Glitter Style

So here I am being still… Meditation  is one of my fundamental survival tools. When I make my daily meditation practice intentional & literally jump into the stillness the momen that I wake… Life is just better✨

Daily meditation soothes my souls & quiets my mind.
Daily meditation soothes my souls & quiets my mind.

I find that meditation allows me to burough into my inner genius & find out what is really important. It sets my tone for the day & creates a more intentional life.
Do I always want to first thing in the morning?…. No… But I do & I am always grateful.
My favorite teacher of meditation is Deepak Chopra. When he started giving his 21 day meditations away online, I did every one of them & still do. Then I bought them for later use. I often will lay on my BioMat or sit in my LoveSac & find all sorts of amazing thoughts that would otherwise be stuck in my head because of the constant busy-ness & chatter that is my life.

When I first started meditating I found it VERY HARD to quiet my monkey mind…. Fast forward 20 years… I found a few strategies that helped me strengthen my craft that is stillness…

  • Yoga… Yoga helps me get quiet through action. Sometimes I have to work my body hard to find my quiet space in my mind.
  • Nature… I bliss out super easy in nature & suggest sitting touching the earth or s plant.
  • BioMat… I’m on mine daily & actually keep a journal beside me because it ignites so much trapped knowledge.
  • Essential Oils… I use intentional blends every day to stimulate my emotional centers of my brain to harness stored wisdom. My favorite diffuser blend today is Sacred Frankincense, orange & Oola Finance
  • Peace Spots… Find & create an intentional space for your daily practice. It should be comfortable & draw you in.
  • Crystals… I am a quartz loving kind of lady… I surround myself with them.
  • Service… The more I serve humanity & my world… The easier it is to be at peace & allow my mind to quiet.
  • Breathwork… I love any type of pranayama to help harness & quiet my mind.
  • Just Sit…. & then there is that 😜

So, my story is…. It takes practice & dedication to find a quiet practice… But it is one of the best things I have ever worked to learn… Try it💛✨

Love & Glitter, Celeste

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