Homemade Eggnog… Salty air & glitter style

Well this one is going to change your holiday life…. Yep! I have been making this eggnog for years!…. You see my dad has made this rocket fuel called eggnog with a whole bottle of Bushmills go like EVER…. Ugggg…. That stuff is ridiculous!… So I had to update & improve… Here is what I put together✨

I love this homemade eggnog recipe... It is serious & delish✨
I love this homemade eggnog recipe… It is serious & delish✨

I love to package this in a large Ball jar with a red ribbon for my friends around the holidays🎁

ps…. This is NOT for the kiddos!

Eggnog… Salty Air & Glitter Style

-12 happy eggs separated
-1 1/2 c organic sugar
-1/2 tsp. Himalayan salt
-1 quart whole organic milk ( I use raw)
-1 1/2 quarts organic whipping cream
-1 T vanilla ( homemade is nice)
-3 c burbon ( Makers)
-1/2 dark rum ( Meyers)
-2 c cognac ( Remy Martin)
-1 quart organic vanilla ice cream
-nutmeg… Fresh to grind on top

Beat egg yolks until thick, add sugar & salt.
Beat in milk, 1 quart of cream & vanilla.
Add burbon, rum & cognac…. Sit in fridge over night.
Before serving fold in stiff egg whites slightly sweetened with sugar…remaining whipping cream (whipped)…& ice cream.

BoooYaaaa!!!!…. Enjoy!

pps…. This is NOT a weight loss strategy 😜😜😜

Love, Glitter & Eggnog, Celeste

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