Cigarettes & Nature… Salty air & glitter style


Teach your children how to always care for Mother Nature.
Teach your children how to always care for Mother Nature.

Sooooo…… I was in the park with the girls getting our nature on the other day & a group of teens passed us. They were all smoking. My kids are always very confused by this, so a conversation opens up & we talk about how it is poison & robs you of your long wonderful healthy life & robs your family of you as well, kills you, has no positive attributes …. Smells like crap & pretty much has no redeeming values…. So Hannah says we should pass them to get out of their toxic exhaust….. Smart!
About 20 minutes later we get to the bridge ( which is Em’s favorite place to throw rocks & a good training tool to get her to go a few miles in the park with me)…. & they are all there….
I can’t help myself….😳….. I strike up a conversation with them about cigarette butts…. Ask them where they put theirs ….of course they said that they just dropped them IN MY PARK!!!!?!?!

& then bring up how cool people on the West coast & worldwide knock the cherry off & take them to a trash can (Duuuuuuh)….. As I tried to not choke them out 😜😜😜

All the while my kids are watching & learning & hopefully seeing how to support our planet better by teaching BONEHEADS…. With love, compassion, kindness & by not just walking by and being quiet!

So my public service announcement this fine day… Is PICK UP YOUR DAMN CIGARETTE BUTTS…. Yo!

Love & Clean Beaches, C

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