Tooth Whitening… Salty Air & Glitter Style


Whiter teeth in no time… Orange oil is amazing!

So this week I’m having a little fun with orange oil…. Not just any orange oil but I only use Young Living with my family….(Seed to seal is a BIG DEAL!) I will be posting a recipe a day with orange oil in it so you can start to see how useful it is  🙂

So November 9-15th 2015 I’m showing the love of the humble orange. I am gifting a FREE BOTTLE of orange oil to any new members that Sign up with me ….. But it is only for this week… So be quick 💛

Tooth Whitening

  • YL orange oil
  • Thieves Aromabright toothpaste 

Drop 2-4 drops of orange oil on your toothbrush every time you brush your teeth. Be sure to take before & after pics because you will seriously be shocked! Welcome to your holiday smile 💛💛💛💛😁


Love & White Teeth, Celeste

I am a Lemon Dropper…. Lucky you 💛💧🍋

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