Meditation every damn day… Salty Air & Glitter Style

For years I had heard that a daily meditation practice was good for your soul.  But what I had found is that trying to sit quietly with a “squirrel” mind was more frustrating than zen. I found that the only time that I could quite my mind was after a very enthusiastic yoga practice, in the shower or after something that just absolutely exhausted my physical body.

Then I found my BioMat. This little mat of awesomeness was something that pretty much blew me away. My every adventurous mother had tried one at a friend’s house & she searched for months how to get one & who was the best person to get one from. After she was chattering about it like it was “the best thing ever” of course I had to give it a try.

Far infrared & Amethyst will set you right!

My logical & skeptical brain was thinking that she was crazy “again”…. But after my first moment of placing my body on her BioMat I knew that she had found a little bit of magic ✨✨✨…. I immediately went home & ordered one (I even fast shipped it…. Yep! I was crazy town!)

You know what happened when I layed on it the first time?…. I noticed that my breath changed, my mind quieted, & I found a zen space that I had been trying to find for decades…. All by just placing my body on this crazy mat!… Yep! That blew me away…

Now I have them everywhere. I have one on my sofa. I have them in both of my offices. I even get my biweekly massages on one. I use it to help me sleep. I use it in the higher temperatures as a far infrared sauna (Yep! it increases healing responses & helps fat go away 🙂 )… I use it to help chill my kids out… It is pretty much a member of the family that acts like a magic unicorn!

So back to MEDITATION… I then was able to find that space between thoughts. I was able to help quiet my “squirrel” brain. I was able to stop & harvest the wisdom that is my inner genius. And I could do it any time that I wanted….. LOVE THAT!

What it helped me also do is to train my brain to find zen & quiet wherever I am. Now I can meditate anywhere & anytime. I now have them everywhere, on my sofa, in my offices… I get my massages on them… I pretty much love them in a boat with a goat…. Sam I am….So if you see me getting quiet… I might just be checking out what my inner genius has to offer.✨😀

Love & Glitter, Celeste

I teach my girls to drop in and find their inner genius… What do you teach yours?

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